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Natural beef cows that spend their entire lives on a farm with minimal handling are healthier. They don’t require hormones, antibiotics or other unnecessary interventions.

Sourcing natural beef can be a headache! When you shop with us your order ships straight to your door. It’s what we like to call “farm fresh – to – you”!

Red Hot Poker Farms exclusively raises American Aberdeen Angus cattle, renowned for their marbling and quality . Natural beef spells quality and quality meat is important. We believe you’ll be able to taste the difference!

You're busy doing important things!

With an increase in processed, unhealthy foods you've got more decisions to make and research to do. You don't have time to read labels and worry about the quality of the food your family is eating. Let us help you!

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Natural Raised Beef

On our ranch, we raise cattle from birthing till they’re ready to be sold. RHP oversees the handling and supervises the full process. Our calves are treated humanely at all times and live absolutely wonderful lives without ever straying far from home. This natural environment, regulated operation, and process are the perfect setting for establishing beef with higher qualities. When you provide a more suitable environment, minimize stress, provide compassionate treatment, intervention will be rare.


Grass Fed & Hormone Free

All of our cattle meet GAP 4 pasture raised standards. We feed our cows in a grass irrigated, shady  pasture.  We never use antibiotics, hormones, or ionaphores. Our cows are never sent to a feedlot. Instead we finish them off with a unique balanced nutrition program put together by Suther Feeds. RHP also offers a complete, chelated organic mineral supplement every single day. 

What Our Customers Think

"Great marbling and the meat tastes fantastic!"
- Bryan G
"Cooking healthy for my family got easier!"
- Laura Petracio
"I love the flavor of the steaks! Best I've had!"
- Harold Z
"I love the convenience."
- Laura Petracio